Our Vision

It is our vision to be a successful part of the new South African economy and to provide a world-class service to all our clients. We wish to be successful in many proposals as to continue to provide work opportunities to the previously disadvantaged individuals and to become a sound and successful company. We fully support our government’s initials and efforts to uplift the previously disadvantaged individuals and are actively involved with training and couching of PDIs. Currently there is a 50 - 50% PDI to white ratio in our middle management structure and an 80 – 20% PDI to white ratio in our junior management structure, which we intend to increase with time, depending on the availability of opportunities.

We also intend to comply with all the current and future legislation in terms of Health, Safety and the environment. We are a responsible company who will accept responsibility for and the consequences of our actions.

It is also our intent to be an advantages business partner to all our clients and to help in the growth and advancement of our economy and in a whole of our country.